Monday, 16 February 2015

Petalon Flowers

{above photos by me, images below by Petalon Flowers}

I am totally in love with this new florist a friend recommended, they delivery by bike & attribute profit to charitable organisations, on top of that,
their bouquets are out-of-this-world beautiful & refreshing
you can tell that the owner put real thoughts and creativity into creating these lovely bouquets
say good bye to the boring roses or tulips only bouquets!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

More Strawberries, More Champagne

A little late but a Happy 2015 to all dear readers
Have you all started your New Year's Resolutions?
In case you still need ideas, here is my list...

It all evolves around the central concept of "Bettering Myself & Be Happy"

1. Host more girls get-togethers, whether thats in the form of afternoon teas or the occasional glass of Champagne, bottom line - Friends are important, spend more time with them

2. Read more inspirational books (and watch less entertainment TV) - Reading will help you to expand on your understanding of everything

3. Eat and cook more healthily - Good health should be the top priory

4. Travel more - See more of what the world has to offer

5. Spend more hours at the Spa - Pampering & de-stress are beneficial to both the body and the soul

Did any of the above make your list too?

{ gorgeous photos by stylist Cindy Chen }

Monday, 8 December 2014

Little Things of Joy

I agree with Brigadeiro 
macaroons, flowers, candles, red shoes & fresh juices are my top little things of Joy too
especially when they have been displayed so beautifully!

FYI, in case you are looking for the shoes, you can find them here

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

{London} Polpetto

{ photo by me - Polpetto Berwick Street }

it took a good few minutes to decide whether this post should sit under Interior Decor or Food
not because the food was not worthy of its own mention
(quite the opposite, they were small plates of utter deliciousness)
but because the decor & atmosphere was just so unique 
the long leather banquette, the vintage glass lamp shades, the shabby chic walls
not to mention the embossed metal panels on the ceiling
if vintage or originality is your cup of tea
then Polpetto will be your little place of utopia 
service was friendly, attentive but easy going

back to the food 
everything I tried was just so tasty, full of favours yet not overpowering
the right balance between hearty yet not too heavy

to sum up in 3 words
delicious, delightful & unpretentious 
hence permanently marked as one of my favourite spots in the London dining scene

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

{Fashion Blogger}: Olivia

{ photos via Olivialsr }

I am obsessed with this girl
her style is clean, simple and oozes of modern chic that looks so effortless

Winter can be a hard season to dress for, 
not to mention the added difficulty of what to pack for a holiday
but Olivia makes it look so easy on her recent trip to the Scottish Highlands,
who knew oversized coats teamed up with a pair of Nike trainers can look so elegant?
I will be supporting this look in the coming cold months for sure

Monday, 20 October 2014

The Blooc House

{ via }

I am in love with the styling of the Blooc house
everything from the minimalist furnishing, the white walls, the contemporary decorative objects
and my favourite - the giant out of proportion paper lantern lamp
simple yet very interesting
for me this is modern Scandinavian at its best

Monday, 13 October 2014

Floral Forest in Edinburgh

{ photos by me }

Hi everyone, I have some big news!
This is what I found in the hotel room during a short holiday trip to Edinburgh
a little gem hiding in a mini flower forest
I said Yes

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Blush Boutique

{ via Blush }

Just discovered this cutest little boutique shop via Instagram
everything from the table decorations to the wallpaper has been chosen carefully to convey loveliness 
I would happily spend my entire Sunday afternoon there 

{ A lifestyle blog }

Based in London art|decor|fashion|travel ♥

hello lovely readers :)


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